15 Weird Hockey Terms.

Here is a list of hockey terms used throughout the years.

*Apple A slang term used to describe an assist.

*Biscuit in the basket-To put the puck in the net (to score a goal).

*Blow a tire-When a player falls to the ice for no apparent reason other than losing their footing.

*Bottle Rocket/Bottle knocker When a goal is scored that strikes the underside of the top of the net, resulting in the goaltender’s water bottle being dislodged or knocked off.

*Waffle-boarding- A quick save with the goalie’s blocker, usually a sideways-sweeping motion.

*Toe drag Dragging the puck along the ice with the end (toe) of the stick blade on the ice as opposed to pushing with the bottom edge.

*Slew foot-Sweeping or kicking out a player’s skate or tripping them from behind, causing them to fall backwards. A match penalty

*Saucer pass An airborne pass from one player to another.

* pillows The goaltender’s leg pads.

*Muffin-A shot that wavers in the air when traveling towards the goal, usually used in recognition of a goal that should have been stopped, or a bad shot.

*Lighting a candle Hitting someone so hard that they fall over.

*howitzer A very fast slap shot.

* Grocery Stick-A fourth line player who sits on the bench where the forwards and defensemen split.

*Face wash Intentionally rubbing the open palm of a glove in an opponent’s face to annoy them.

*  Chiclets-Teeth.


Hope you enjoyed my 15 Weird Hockey Terms.


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