Meeting Ryan Hartman

In this blog post I’ll be talking about my experience with meeting Ryan Hartman on the Chicago Blackhawks. The whole experience was amazing! The event was taken place at the suburb of Chicago. I don’t live around Chicago so I had to drive around 2-3 hours to get there. The ride was long, but my mom and I listened to music, and I read a book here and there since the music got a little boring. We got to the Sport n´More store around 11:55 a.m and picked up the tickets, and got in line even though they called out the numbers on the ticket to get the signings.

Coach Q had a surprise practice and that made Hartman come in late than the other players. Once the owner of the store announced that Hartman  had finally showed up, everyone was clapping and cheering. The owners also called for everyone with the tickets 1-29 to line up inside the store. I was number 63 so of course it was going to be awhile.

Finally 1-70 was up and I ran in the semi-long line, I got on my tippy toes to try and see Ryan. I saw his face, and that was the moment I realized I was really going to meet him. (I had to beg my mom to take me lol, but she also met Artem Anisimov.)

It was now my turn to get a photo with him, I shyly walked up to him, he’s also very shy.  My mom was getting ready to take a picture of Ryan and I but then a worker snached my phone out of her hands and took the photo. I was mad about that but I didn’t do anything about it. Also he took the photo horizontal, I was wanting it to be vertical.

Hartman smiled nicely, and somewhat put his arm around me. I got my phone handed back to me afterwards, and I walked out of the store with a smile ear to ear. My mom and I got hungry so we headed to the pretzel place close by. When we came back the signing had started so it wasn’t a long wait.

After my number was called, we headed into the line, I handed Ryan my photo to get signed, one of the guys in charge asked if it was okay for Hartman to use a blue sharpie. I nodded in reply to his question. I was taking photos of Hartman signing my photo, and when he was looking up the photo caught him looking like grumpy cat. He looked mad, but I doubt he was really mad.

After the meeting with Artem Anisimov (I might post a separate post about meeting him)

We left the mall, and headed to Jewel-Osco, to buy a couple of Keith Krunch. We put around 6 in the cart for a photo, for a chance to get a signed box by Keith, But we only bought 3. After that we put the Blackhawks store in the GPS, it took forever to find.  We walked all over the place, but finally found it behind a Starbucks. I ended up getting a green Panarin jersey, and my mom got her favorite player, Keith’s home jersey. I also got a green St. Patricks day puck (St. Patrick Kane’s day lol)

We left Chicago after the Blackhawks store. Overall the whole event was fun, I would totally go again.



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