My Top 10 Favorite NHL Players of All Time.

  1. Teuvo Teräväinen, he has always been my favorite NHL player since 2015. Hes such a awesome player. I was really sad when he got traded to the Carolina Hurricanes.
  2. Ryan Hartman, he is my favorite current Blackhawks player. I was really lucky to have met him in February.
  3. Mitchell Marner, is only 20 but, has done so many things before he made it to the NHL.  For one he was a captain for the London Knights in Ontario.
  4. Auston Matthews, he is only a rookie but he sure doesn’t play like it. He got 4 goals in his first debut with the Maple Leafs.
  5. Brad Marchand, he maybe the most hated player on the Bruins but he isn’t to me. He plays really well. Also we have the same last name.
  6. Dylan Strome, I he may not be currently in the NHL, but he is an amazing player.
  7. Mario Lemieux, he is by far my favorite Pittsburgh Penguin of all time.
  8. Wayne Gretzky, the great one is truly great. He is one of the NHL’s best legends.
  9. Patrick Kane, he is a absolute legend and he even broke the points every game for 26-game point streak.
  10. Lastly, Jonathan Toews. He cares about his fans and he’s not always so serious.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog posts! Sense school for me is ending soon I wont be able to write any blogs over the summer. I use my school’s laptop to post blogs.


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